Our Favourite Solar Installers in Australia and New Zealand

Investing in a solar installation for your home is serious business.

By choosing solar you are committing to more than 25 years to reduce energy bills and make the world greener.

Apart from choosing the most reliable solar panels to go on your roof, you also want to choose the best solar installer you can find, who has professionalism, integrity, and a great track record of similar solar applications.

Rather than bore you with intangible tips of how to choose the best solar installers, we will share with you a list of the best installers in Australia and New Zealand.

Best Solar Installers in New South Wales


Simmark is a leading multi-service contractor that operates throughout Shoalhaven, Illawarra, Eurobodalla and the Southern Highlands, with more than 23-year history of delivering first-class workmanship.

Simmark’s team of experienced and qualified professionals provide a range of services including air conditioning, electrical, solar & batteries, data & communications, security installations and plumbing.

They have developed a reputation of a trusted, local solar designer and installer who uses high-quality components, and remains available for service after the sale is made.

Tempco Energy Solutions

Tempco Energy is a one-stop-shop for gas heating, air conditioning, solar, hot water, floor heating and fireplaces, founded in 2012 to service the Southern Highlands.

tempco energy showroom
Tempco Energy’s showroom in Bowral.

The company is built upon a stable foundation of a highly trained, highly competent team which has been together since the business began.

Visit Tempco Energy’s showroom on Bong Bong Street, Bowral, to meet local, friendly and professional staff about the latest technologies in solar.

Sun2u Electrical & Solar

Sun2u is a family business that offers the highest quality solar power and storage solutions throughout Newcastle and the Hunter Valley.

sun2u truck
The Sun2u truck that delivers high-performance solar solutions throughout Newcastle and the Hunter Valley.

The Sun2u team only recommends products compliant with regulations and have good, solid warranties.

They are experts in helping home and business owners make the right solar power decisions and deliver the most energy-efficient, reliable solar for residential and commercial applications.

Forster Solar and Lighting

Forster Solar and Lighting has the technical expertise to ensure every solar installation they build deliver on the promise of zero-emission electricity on roofs of homes and businesses.

forster solar and lighting truck WINAICO panel
The Forster Solar and Lighting truck.

Forster Solar and Lighting’s deep knowledge of how solar works and local support mean they can help you create the perfect solar solution to meet different electricity needs.

By generating energy at the point of demand, where customers live and work, no energy is lost through transferring power across expensive infrastructure, leading to more efficient self-consumption PV systems.


SunPeople is a dynamic local installer that has helped more than 550 customers in the Illawarra region using their solar expertise.

5kW WINAICO SolarEdge LGChem Battery by SunPeople
A 5 kW SunPeople installation using WINAICO panels, SolarEdge inverters with a battery system.

SunPeople provides a variety of solar packages to suit any budget, or custom design, and install a solar system specifically for the needs for any business or home.

From small scale systems for a shop or small factory to large scale systems that can offer the power consumption in a large building, SunPeople is the team to get the job done.

Best Solar Installers in Victoria

United Solar Energy

United Solar Energy is internationally recognized as one of the most respected solar energy company and has been in business for over 10 years.

United Solar Energy provides innovative solar services and can help homes and businesses turn to solar energy to reduce energy bills.

Apart from professionally design a system to match your energy needs, they also provide a low-cost way to own solar installations on your roof, the Sun Plan, with no upfront cost.

RACV Solar

RoyalAuto is a household name in Victoria for providing emergency roadside assistance and home assist to more than 2 million members.

Lately, they have expanded their quality service to include installing solar panels and batteries to homes.

RACV Solar’s expertise in end-to-end residential solar energy systems for Victorian homes makes them a top choice in adding solar to your home.

Central Spark Victoria

Central Spark Victoria is a provider of high-quality electrical solutions, specialising in green electrical work, with over 10 years of experience servicing customers in Bendigo, Daylesford, Kyneton and areas in between.

Central Spark solar car port
A beautiful Central Spark solar installation.

Central Spark understands the value of quality components and craftsmanship to build high-performance off-grid and grid-connected installations.

They are the right team to call for a quality solar system in Central Victoria.

Glynncorp Electrical

Glynncorp Electrical is a specialist in energy management and has been creating energy-efficient solutions to local customers since 2001.

They are conveniently situated in Albury Wodonga, halfway between Melbourne and Sydney, to help local communities cut power bills with solar.

Glynncorp Electrical tilted roof mount
A north-facing, roof-mounted system designed by Glynncorp Electrical.

Glynncorp Electrical’s proficiency in free-standing systems, roof-mounted systems, and solar tracking systems, makes them a great solar design for any application.

Reilly Electrical & Sunvalley Solar

Reilly Electrical & Sunvalley Solar has over 35 years of experience in the electrical industry and 10 years in the solar industry and has been operating in the Goulburn Valley and surrounding areas since 1995.

cale from reilly electrical winaico panel
Cale from Reilly Electrical & Sunvalley Solar holding a WINAICO panel.

Reilly Electrical & Sunvalley Solar is committed to providing clients with facts about solar and the importance of good design and installation, so you can make the best decision for your family or business.

Best Solar Installers in Queensland

Enviro Projects

Enviro Projects is a team of solar professionals that specialise in energy-saving needs for large commercial projects while providing the flexibility and customer-focus for family-owned residential homes.

enviro projects 90 kW commercial rooftop solar
A 90 kW commercial solar installation by Enviro Projects.

Enviro Projects have teams located in Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Victoria, and have more than 15 years of experience in helping local customers strengthen their bottom line and protect them from ever-increasing power bills.

Best Solar Installers in South Australia

NRG Solar Services

NRG Solar is one of the most trusted solar experts in South Australia, and they can provide tailor-made, quality solar solutions that are optimised for energy-saving in any situation.

NRG Solar’s parts and workmanship guarantee ensures every solar panel system they build in South Australia is safe, reliable and providing the best return-on-investment for its owner.

The free back-to-base monitoring provided makes sure your investment is as transparent and high performing as it can be.

Best Solar Installers in Northern Territory

Ogden Power

Ogden Power’s showroom is located in Alice Springs and their experienced team has installed over 3 MW of PV systems since 2006.

Greenwell building solar ogden power
The 50 kW solar installation on the roof of Greenwell Building designed by Ogden Power.

Apart from the usual residential and commercial solar installations, Ogden Power is also an expert in off-grid design construction and maintenance.

From remote power systems to urban battery backup systems, they have the technology, design, construction, maintenance, upgrades, repairs, battery replacement and generator integration to make solar work in the Outback.

Best Solar Installers in Tasmania

Genr8 Electrical

Genr8 Electrical is a team of local and approachable solar installation experts based in Devonport, that service anywhere between Shearwater to Burnie.

genr8 team muffin
The friendly local Genr8 team.

The Genr8 team is proud to be a part of the north-west Tasmanian community.

They understand exactly what local residents need from top tradesmen, and provide an approachable, friendly service along with outstanding quality of work that is as environmentally-friendly and sustainable as possible.

Marshall Solar & Energy

Marshall Solar & Energy is a team of passionate solar ambassadors with a wide range of expertise in solar and energy storage, and they have been servicing the energy markets around Hobart and Launceston since 1985.

hadspen commercial rooftop solar
A 61 kW commercial rooftop system installed in Hadspen.

Marshall Solar & Energy is at the forefront of solar energy trends and experienced with designing and building residential, commercial and off-grid solar installations to help local Tasmanians future-proof their energy consumption.

Best Solar Installers in New Zealand

Able Solar

Able Solar has been creating solar powered systems around Auckland for more than 35 years, and has expanded to a network of solar professionals to service installations all over New Zealand.

able solar grand designs
A rooftop solar installation by Able Solar featured on Grand Designs New Zealand.

The team specialises in creating off-grid solar power systems using solar panels but can also design renewable systems using wind turbines, micro-hydro generators, solar panels, or a combination of both to work for your application.

If you are interested in adding the most reliable solar panels in Australia to your portfolio, please get in touch about the WINAICO partnership program.

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