WST-750MG - 750 Watt Solar Module

On the back of the new Gemini Series, WINAICO is proud to present the most powerful solar module to date. The WST-750MG is a 750 Watt Solar Module that uses the same design considerations that have made the WST Range one of the most sought after products in the Solar Market.

Ironically, the power of this single module is exactly double the power of the previous WST-375MG module that was released in January this year. Also, the size of the module of the 750 Watt solar module is exactly double the surface area of the WST-375MG.

The efficiency of the WST-750MG and the WST-375MG is identical however the larger module is slightly heavier due to certain new 'adhesive' components.

The All New WST-750MG, The most powerful module produced to date.
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The All New WST-750MG, The most powerful module produced to date.

The Split Module Split Cell Technology

The New WST-750MG uses the latest in Split Module technology. After the integration of split cells to help improve overall efficiency, WINAICO has now applied a Split Module design boosting the maximum power.

The WST-750MG is the only product to use Split Module Split Cell Technology in the Australian Market. This new category has been christened the "Split-Split Module".

Using the strongest framing metals, performance silicon and the most expensive duct tape we could find, we have successfully generated a 750 Watt Solar Module that outperforms every other module in the market.

The amazing new technology that enabled us to double module power.
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The amazing technology that doubled the module power.

Flexible Dimensions

The WST-750MG is the most powerful module and the first flexible dimensions solar module ever designed. The futurist designed adhesive means the size dimensions of the module can be changed when needed.

By changing the location of the adhesive strips that come complimentary with the module, the actual dimensions of the single device can be changed on the fly. The image above demonstrates the standard dimensions of the module as it comes out from the module container. Below is an image of the alternative sizing, allowing for installation in specific locations. This means the WST-750MG is both the most powerful module and the only flexible solar product for the Australian market.

The alternative format for the WST-750MG.
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The alternative format for the WST-750MG.

The Benefits of Going Bigger

Many of our installation partners have questioned the need to produce such a high power solar module. With no change in overall efficiency, the module size just increases and it is very possible to produce the same power by just installing two WST-375MG modules with the same efficiency as the WST-750MG.

However, WINAICO sees value in producing the most powerful module in Australia and bigger is always better. Australia is full of big things; the big banana, the giant sheep, the big battery. And now it is home to the biggest solar module in the world.

Launching from the 1st of April

The 750 Watt Solar Module has started construction on the 1st of April, with expected release on the 1st of April 2022. We are extremely excited to bring this product to our Australian market and anticipate its popularity.

In the mean time, WINAICO is currently designing a single high powered solar module that will become a real option for the commercial market closer to the 4th Quarter of 2021. It will not have any 'adhesive' components like the WST-750MG and has an expected power range of >500 Watts.

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