25-Year Product Warranty by WINAICO

WINAICO is a PV Module Manufacturer that is synonymous with performance and longevity in the local solar industry. Our Trusted Partners Program means our products are used only by professional installers all around the country.

An independent review by Solar Choice has been recently released to provide an overview of the WINAICO Brand. Solar Choice has been providing knowledge about the local solar industry to consumers since 2008. The solar quote comparison site has delivered over 35 reviews for solar, inverter and battery manufacturers to act as a non-biased perspective in the ever-changing solar industry.

The Solar Choice review provides an independent perspective of WINAICO for the Australian solar industry. To learn more, please click here.

The Extended WINAICO 25-Year Product Warranty

WINAICO has always aimed to develop solar products that will stand the test of time. The new extended product warranty is the embodiment of that ideal by guaranteeing product perfection for up to 25 years after installation. The new policy ensures no manufacturing defects on any of our modules sold from the 1st of July 2020.

The 25-year product warranty is now on par with the coverage from our performance guarantee. The benefit of two warranty policies means you will have the greatest peace of mind with your solar system for 25 years after your purchase.

Furthermore, all WINAICO products come with a complimentary 2-year insurance policy. Cricket ball in the backyard land on the array? Did a possum chew a loose cable? Will the network switch off your system for an extended time? All of those issues will fall under the envelope of the WINAICO Insurance policy.

No other current solar manufacturer in Australia offers 3 complimentary protection policies on their products. With the extension to the 25-years product warranty, we provide you with the greatest peace of mind for your solar system.

The WINAICO Trusted Partners Program

WINAICO is regarded as a premium and trusted brand for several reasons. We were the first solar manufacturer in Australia to extend our product warranty to 15 years and now confident that we can go even further.

But that is only one side of the coin. WINAICO has been a family business and trust is a critical element of our operation. Since our inception, we have operated through a Trusted Partners Program that only includes installation partners that share our ethos. Over the last 8 years, WINAICO has grown to include only genuine solar installers in Australia. Building a foundation of reliable partners means we priorities companies that focus on customer care in their business dealings. This dedication to trust means our products are not as widely disturbed as other manufacturers but are always in the hands of solar installers that take the extra level of care for your system.

By authorising which retailers to operate with, WINAICO can guarantee that any system installed with our modules has been done correctly by a team that we can rely on. Our modules may be designed perfectly however the installation onto your home or business is just as critical to ensuring long-term performance. The WINAICO Trusted Partners Program now covers every region in Australia and you can find your closest authorised retailer by clicking here.

The trust we have with our Australian Installation Partners is identical to the trust we have in our own products. For that reason, we are confident in providing the 25-year product warranty on all of our current and future solar modules.

Registering the WINAICO Policy

The 25-year extended product warranty is an extension of the current 15-year policy. The solar system owners are asked to complete a simple registration process to extend the protection of their WINAICO system. The form is a single page and can be completed in less than 5 minutes. The primary purpose is to register all new WINAICO systems in the rare event that any warranty claims need to be completed.

The form will ask a few details about your system and the solar installer. The short process will add 10-years onto the current WINAICO Product Warranty policy to bring the grand total up to 25-years. Peace of Mind at no cost to you.

To understand more about the registration to receive the 25-year product warranty, please click the button below.

winaico solar panel product warranty
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Which Products Are Covered?

In short, everything. All current WINAICO modules sold from the 1st of July 2020 are eligible for the 25-year Extended Product Warranty. This includes the WST and WSP series that are over 325 Watts. The Performance Guarantee and Insurance also are applicable to all solar modules.

To understand which product will be the optimal solution for you, click the information below.

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The WST series represent the most accessible product in the GEMINI Range.

At 375W, this elegant panel offers a perfect mix of high energy density and superb value for money.

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WST-330M6 Full Black


Pure aesthetics meet performance. The Full Black series has been WINAICO's go-to product chosen by architects and modern design specialists. The award-winning modules are an optimal blend of WINAICO power and looks.

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The most Accessible product in the WINAICO Range. Performance and Reliability are synonymous with the WST-M6 Range, and the compact 330 Watts means the module is perfect for all jobs big and small.

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Toughened Design

The WSP-340MX is the module you need when power is essential. Stronger design, Patented Water Drainage corners and thicker framing means your solar system is prepared for anything life has to throw at it.

Less Maintenance, Greater Dependability, Performance when it matters.

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