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common solar panel defects snail trail

11 Common Solar Panel Defects and How to Avoid Them

By Tony Chang | November 12, 2020

Watch out for these common solar panel defects in your solar installations. Visit to learn how to avoid these defects in your solar investments.

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solar energy storage system

5 Key Metrics for Choosing the Best Solar Energy Storage

By Tony Chang | November 11, 2020

Do you want to add solar energy storage to your solar panels? Learn the most important metrics to help you choose the best solar battery system.

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Installation Site 34. WINAICO 5.3 kW Install made with 22x 240W Polycrystalline Modules

Solar Panels Proven by Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre

By Sean Findlay | October 30, 2020

WINAICO solar panels are proven to excel in desert environments, as shown in Desert Knowl­edge Aus­tralia Solar Centre.

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what is solar pid

What Is PID and How You Can Avoid It

By Tony Chang | October 26, 2020

PID or Potential Induced Degradation is a common solar panel defect. Learn the causes of PID and how WINAICO can help you avoid it for better energy production.

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Visual Inspection Officer

Benefits of Testing With a PV Laboratory

By Sean Findlay | October 23, 2020

Panel testing can be a difficult process. The team took a tour of PV labs in Canberra to help identify what makes a genuine solar testing facility.

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winaico solar analytics webinar

Inaugural Virtual Breakfast Webinar

By Sean Findlay | October 21, 2020

Solar Analytics and WINAICO have taken our breakfast online this time. Visit to see highlights and a full recording of our virtual breakfast and the exciting new products coming soon.

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best solar installers

Our Favourite Solar Installers in Australia and New Zealand

By Tony Chang | September 30, 2020

You want to choose the best solar installers you can find, who have professionalism, integrity, and a great track record of similar solar applications.

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hail damage solar panel

WINAICO Insurance Protects Sydney School From Hail Rampage

By Sean Findlay | August 25, 2020

WINAICO Insurance isn’t just talk, just ask this North Sydney School.
We replaced their entire system after a freak hailstorm in 2017.

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winaico module series

Manufacturing Quality Solar Panels With WINAICO

By Sean Findlay | August 7, 2020

Ever seen a Solar Module being assembled? Want to learn about the WINAICO manufacturing process? Click here to learn about our engineering designs.

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