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750 Watt Solar Module

WINAICO is proud to announce a 750 Watt Module on the 1st of April 2021. Check out this blog on how we did it!

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WINAICO Solar Boxes, Engineered to Protect

WINAICO is proud of the solar modules we manufacture, but the design process doesn’t stop there. We’ve put serious consideration into our boxes to ensure performance from the factory to install.

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How Much Does Owning Solar Cost?

Solar is often considered a plug and play appliance, install it once and forgot about. Additional costs and maintenance are important when considering your solar system, and this post will help explain the important factors.

Convos with Clenergy: Sean and Blair talks all things solar

Convos with Clenergy: Welcome to WINAICO

Blair Joins Sean Guzzi for the last ‘Convos with Clenergy’ episode for 2020. The two talk all things solar in Australia, the future of the industry, international relations and politics.

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What Makes a WINAICO Trusted Partner?

WINAICO operates through a selective partner program to ensure high quality installations and customer satisfaction. What makes Installers in the Trusted Program different?