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We have been around since 2012. Which means we have sold a lot of different solar panels over the years. To view our current range of solar modules please, click here.

Gemini half cell 9BB solar cells

WST NGX Series Documentation

WINAICO is so pleased to introduce our new range of N-Type PV Modules to the market called the WST-NGX Series. To view our current range of solar modules see our products page.

The supporting documentation, Datasheets and Installation Manuals for this new range can be found below.

WST-420NGXB-D3 (Full Black) Datasheet
WST-425NGXB-D3 (Full Black) Datasheet
WST-430NGXB-D3 (Full Black) Datasheet

WST-435NGX-D3 Datasheet

WST-430NGX-D3 Datasheet

WST-520NGX-D3 Datasheet

WST-525NGX-D3 Datasheet

WST-530NGX-D3 Datasheet
WST-535NGX-D3 Datasheet
WST-NGX Series Installation Manual

WST-NGX Series Warranty Documentation

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